I just found out that my favorite high school band concert of the year has been cancelled. Held in the quad, out in the fresh air, we always brought chairs and blankets and coolers and relaxed. Since this was going to be our last Music under the Stars, I was already talking to some other senior parents about maybe doing something special beforehand. I had my eye on a cute new pair of sandals to wear. This was going to be Em’s last concert with the band.

I know there will be plenty of opportunities to see her play again in college and in drum corps, and wherever else she finds herself. But for me, this was going to be a pleasant and graceful closure point. 

I’m just disappointed.


Making it real

Two years ago when my son started marching drum corps with GOLD, my daughter got a taste of what big time marching arts was like. She watched Santa Clara Vanguard, and Phantom Regiment, and said, “I want to do THAT!”. A pretty big step for a high school freshman, but we talked about how she could start in a couple of years when she was old enough.

Flash forward to yesterday, when I received this photo>


Dreams come true.

Look out Drum Corps International! You’ve got both the Bolender kids this summer!

Academy 2013  “Pianoman”