Blog-a-long Day 4

It’s a little sad. It’s only day 4, and my brain is a little tired. Not much in the way of inspiration writing-wise.

So I’m taking the easy route, Pet Photos!

We adopted these sisters about a year and half ago. They are absolutely delightful(most of the time…) and add much to our lives. Savannah, on the left, is the ringleader, hunter of bugs, she sits on top of this ladder I’m converting for use as a planter and searches the sky for dragons. Sahara, on the right, is the lover. She also is the collector. She brings me gifts of all sorts: q-tips, leaves, articles of clothing. Yeah, you read that right. It’s usually small items like socks or underwear(I choose to believe that they are clean!). Her most ambitious “kill” was one of my daughter’s little black dresses. It was hysterical watching Sahara gently and resolutely pulling that dress down the stairs and to it’s final resting place in front of my feet.


At least it wasn’t a lizard or mouse like our other cat used to “gift” me with…….