Keeping Sane

Art journaling is one of the ways I keep sane while the world whirls around me. Though I’ve been “crafty” all of my life, I’ve only attempted to be “arty” relatively recently. My crafting adventures have included a number of sewing related things(quilting, applique, home dec etc.), crochet(can’t coordinate two sticks to knit), scrapbooking, jewelry making…the list does go on….

As part of my transition to a less child-full home, I’ve been taking art-related classes both around town, and online. I love the steady, meditative, precise strokes of Zentangle, the freedom of expressive painting, and the challenge of faces(stylized and whimsical, but not straight portraiture). I like to explore these topics, as well as techniques and prompts from some books I’ve collected and classes I’ve taken in my hand bound art journals. I learned this particular book structure from Effy Wild. The center journal in the photo is my first attempt. It’s about 2/3 full of art journal spreads. The other two are WIP(work in progress…).

At the end of the day, I love to fling my arting materials all of the table and wallow in creativity. It feels good to lose myself in something other than my day to day stuff.

a glass of wine is optional ;>)



2 thoughts on “Keeping Sane

  1. I’m peeping through your blog, and like your April 1st post, I could have written this one too. Though I only just bought my 1st sewing machine. I remembered how to thread it from Home-Ec class in High School, but that’s about as far as that goes. I use it for sewing elements onto tags, and into my Art Journal. I too only recently became “artsy”. I ventured in to help dal with chronic pain. I’m taking a few online art classes to learn new techniques, and to draw, etc. The journals in your photo are beautiful. Love the colors.

    • Thanks Kimmie! I actually started art journaling to deal with a particularly bad bout of sciatica. I had reached a point with doctors and chiropractors and acupuncturists where nothing was helping. I quit them all. I fixed my diet, tended to my “stuff” that I’d been ignoring, and gave myself over to processing and expressing myself through art. It was my miracle.
      Cool stuff about the sewing machine! I love the look of stitching, but haven’t tried that yet.

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