Houston we have a Problem, or Letting Go 201

As I was wasting time on Facebook the other evening, my son’s status popped up and said, “EXPLETIVE”. Naturally I was curious, so I texted him to ask what was wrong. My heart got erratic when he told me that the front tire of the car he was driving blew out,  but he was able to get the car safely to the side of the road(avoiding the light pole… heart clutch…).

What to do? Deep breath. Don’t panic.

After letting him reassure me that he was OK, I decided to let him solve the problem. He has friends in the area(I’m in San Diego, he’s in Phoenix), they would work it out. I cheerily asked him to text me when he got back to his apartment.

Two hours later. No text. No nothing.

Pushing 11:00pm now. I text my daughter. Is he home yet? She replies, “No, but he’s ok. I’m with him now.” It turns out that there were now 5 of them, all hanging out on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck.

Deep breath. Nothing I can do to fix this. They’re all fine. They will work it out.

And they did. Without me.

Letting go. It’s a learned habit.


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