Last Day of School 2012-2013

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks. We moved my son to the Phoenix area for his summer drum corps experience(my daughter joins him tonight!). We made it through prom, endless music concerts, and summer packing for tour. Throw in my husband’s WSOP poker week, my parents’ ill health, car repair from my fender bender, and a glorious two day respite at CREATE Mixed-Media art retreat (best birthday present EVER!) I feel it’s safe to say that we are living very full lives.

Today I just want to have a massive meltdown. I was actually going to save it for tomorrow, but I don’t think it will wait. It’s just all life. There is good and bad and quite a lot in between. I’m looking forward to having this time without kids, and missing them all at the same time. I want to keep busy. I want to go back to bed.

Ok, what I need here is a plan…and another strong cup of Earl Grey….

1. Enjoy the present moment.

– Ignore the colossal mess in Em’s bathroom. It will still be there tomorrow, but she won’t be. Make some fun memories together today.

2. Couple time.

– Jim and I have already made plans for Sushi Saturday, and a trip to the ballpark to see the Padres take on the Diamondbacks.  Perhaps on Sunday we can take a trip to the Wild Animal Park and see the cheetahs. I hear there are baby elephants, too.

3. Me time.

– I’m working on class proposals for the fall teaching season, and finishing up class prep for the classes that start in two weeks. I love teaching and sharing what I know, so this part is easy and fun for me. I’m still working on a fabric journal that I started at a CREATE class, and it feels really good to let my crazy ideas run free and see what I can come up with. I think I may take the dog for a long walk today, she really misses “her boy”.

Yep. Life is good. Even when it feels too busy and all mixed up with stuff.

Life is good.


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