Being in the Moment

I’ve been making a real effort to spend more time in the present moment instead of rehashing the past or imagining the future. I close my computer when someone comes in to talk to me, I single-task in order to be more focused, I stop and pet the cat when she winds my legs looking for attention. I’ve even started taking pictures of our everyday life: cat sleeping in warm, folded laundry, Emily absorbed in the computer after school, Alex sprawled on the couch texting like a maniac.


I was treated to an unusual occasion the other night. Emily instigated a rubber band war against her brother while he was crashed out taking a nap. I was busy with some writing and was going to tell them to cut it out, and then I smiled, put on my headphones, and watched the skirmishes escalate. I’m smiling even now, because I haven’t seen them play like that in a long time. Moments like that are the ones I’ll miss when they’re out of the house. So glad I took the time to experience their goofy battle. There is magic in times like these.




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