Making it real

Two years ago when my son started marching drum corps with GOLD, my daughter got a taste of what big time marching arts was like. She watched Santa Clara Vanguard, and Phantom Regiment, and said, “I want to do THAT!”. A pretty big step for a high school freshman, but we talked about how she could start in a couple of years when she was old enough.

Flash forward to yesterday, when I received this photo>


Dreams come true.

Look out Drum Corps International! You’ve got both the Bolender kids this summer!

Academy 2013  “Pianoman”



I just received confirmation that I will be teaching 4 classes for Poway Adult School, and one of them is Empty Nest 101! I will also be offering two chainmaille jewelry classes( patterns that I can do in my sleep!), and a creativity series. I am also pre-approved to offer Empty Nest again in the Fall semester. Not bad…I’m pretty psyched.

I’ve been working on class syllabi and contents for the last few days. It feels good to be working toward something positive and exciting. I will be heading to Barnes and Noble a little bit later to pick up some business books, hoping to learn to write better ad copy so my classes will fill with perfect students.