So, what’s the point here?…

I am going to have a trial run as an empty nester this summer while my kids are marching Drum Corps. I’m thrilled for them, it’s going to be an exciting and wonderful time. I’m also excited for me: fewer trips to the grocery, alone time with hubby, free time to do as I please, lunching with friends…endless possibilities!

As I’ve been approaching this time, I’ve been thinking, and talking to people who are in the same sort of transition time. The big question is, “What now?”

When we have babies, there are support groups and family and books on How To. As our children grow, there are playgroups and sports and later school activities like the PTA(or PTO…). Then all of a sudden, you are sitting in the stands of the high school football stadium watching your baby graduate. As this happened for me with my son last June, all I could think was “What just happened?” quickly followed by “Where did the time go?” and “Oh crap. What now?”

Do I go back to a former career? Do I start a new one? Revisit a beloved and set aside hobby? Who are my friends now?(Will I still hang out with the band moms after this?) Who do I want to be in this next phase of my life?


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